An Update Regarding Tullian Tchividjian

Dear Friends:

As we rebuild LIBERATE, I want you to know that Tullian continues an encouraging season of rest and healing as a part of the Willow Creek Church family. The elders of Willow Creek Church are presently overseeing a care plan for him, one involving routine worship, prayer, fellowship, study, professional counseling, and more. It is proceeding very well, and we are very encouraged by his honesty, humility, and commitment to healing through repentance and, as God makes possible, reconciliation.

Our prayerful hope and expectation is that Tullian will join us fully in this great work one day, when those overseeing his spiritual care and nurture consider it appropriate.

With deepest thanks, please continue to pray for Tullian and his family during this time of rest and healing.


Kevin Labby
Executive Director, Liberate Network